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Our TM Logo was designed specially for us by Mr. Asher Arad

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Shalom and Welcome to the:

Jazz Tap Center, Inc.

New York / Tel Aviv

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What Is The Jazz Tap Center?

  • Jazz Tap Center, Inc. is a production office and a Tap School, originally from Tel-Aviv, Israel - but now based and operating from New York City - USA.

  • The Center is producing various Tap Events such as Tap Performances, Master Classes, Workshops and Tap Festivals.

  • The Jazz Tap Center is proud to present:


    a series of workshops devoted to the preservation of various tap masters' historic legacy and technique.

  • Here you can also find various Tap Related Products now on sale at:


    featuring the renewed and improved:

    Miller & Ben Tap Shoes.

  • It is a home of:

  • The Jazz Tap Center is devoted to the art of tap and to educating the general public about the historic importance of this great art form!

Contact Information:

    Jazz Tap Center, Inc.

    Avi Miller - Artistic Director
    Ofer Ben - Executive Director

    P.O.Box 821
    New York, NY 10108

    Phone: (646) 383 4949