Miller & Ben
The Israeli Hoofers

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Avi Miller & Ofer Ben's Picture

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Avi Miller and Ofer Ben - click to enlargeAvi Miller and Ofer Ben - click to enlargeAvi Miller and Ofer Ben - click to enlarge

Biographic Portrait:

Native Israelis, Avi Miller and Ofer Ben are performers, teachers, and lecturers - in the unlimited rhythmical dance field of 'Hoofing' - better known as 'Tap Dancing'. Their unique style and choreographies are influenced by the large amount of teachers and mentors they had, linked directly to the origins of tap - created by African/American practitioners. Due to their country of origin, they also incorporate in their work 'Middle Eastern' and Israeli movements. In class they teach various approaches to a 'Sound Quality Technique' as well as verbal reference to the heritage of tap.

Miller & Ben had the honor of studying or sharing the stage with such greats as: Ya'acov Kalusky (Israel), Eddie Brown, Steve Condos, Chuck Green, Dr. Bunny Briggs, Dr. Buster Brown, Brenda Bufalino, Skip Cunningham, Barbara Duffy, Savion Glover, Gregory Hines, Lisa Hopkins, Ted Levy, Van 'The Man' Porter, Prof. Robert L. Reed, Prof. LaVaughn Robinson, Germaine Salsberg, Earl Scoggins and many others.

Throughout their career they produced numerous tap events in Israel and worldwide where they also taught and performed. This includes seven Israel Jazz-Tap Festivals with 'Tap Masters' from the United States, Tap City 2001 - The First New York City Tap Festival, the Tap Giants Festival - Calgary and Edmonton, Canada, and more.

Their dance troupe - Tap Tel-Aviv has performed in variety shows, TV and stage shows - as well as jazz and tap festivals. Avi & Ofer also actively perform as Miller & Ben - The Israeli Hoofers. They have performed on major stages and TV programs, and in front of distinguished Israeli leaders, including the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Their full length show was presented at: The Red Sea Jazz Festival - in Eilat Israel, The First Helsinki Tap Festival - in Finland, Tap Giants Festival - in Canada and more. They also taught Master Classes and performed in Australia, Canada, China, Finland, Holland, Thailand, throughout Israel and the USA.

In 2001, they relocated the Jazz Tap Center production offices to New York City. They established the non-for-profit organization Tradition In Tap, Inc. - an organization that produces tap workshops and performances devoted to the preservation of various tap masters' historic legacy and technique. The first workshop was dedicated to 'The Father of Tap' the legendary Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson. Thus far they have produced seven sold out workshops featuring the legacy of: Dr. James 'Buster' Brown, Dr. Henry LeTang, The Four Step Brothers & Dr. Prince Spencer, Dr. Jeni LeGon, Phil Black & Dr. Jimmy Slyde. The upcoming workshop will feature Prof. LaVaughn Robinson and is scheduled to November 4-6 2005. Updated information can be found at:

In February 2003, they started to manufacture their Miller & Ben Tap Shoes in the Far East. These hand made High Quality / High End 'Musical Instruments', are considered one of the best in the market. The six models were modified according to the experience and knowledge accumulated since the introduction of the first shoes, created back in Israel in 1988. These superb shoes are sold via their on-line store: & in selected dance stores in the USA and worldwide.

Credited appearances includes: the tribute performance and TV documentary for The 9 Doctors of Tap Dance - Oklahoma City University, Tap Extravaganza - New York City, The St. Louis Tap Festival, Tap Workshops at Chulalongkorn University and Bangkok Dance - Thailand, Summer Dance Camps at Hats Off in Calgary - Canada, Tap Giants Festival in Calgary and Edmonton - Canada, workshop at de TAPperij in Zwolle - Holland, Tap Master classes and Judging for Dance Masters of Pennsylvania and 'TAP' - National Tap Dance Day Celebration, Cedar Crest College PA.

Avi Miller & Ofer Ben 'team teach' regularly at Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan.

(Updated - 7/2005)

Professional Specializations:

  • Teaching a tap special program to pre-tap students ages: 6-9 years.
  • Teaching tap to adults - beginners to advanced/professionals, ages: 9-90 years.
  • Tap choreographing, for individuals and groups.
  • Lecturing about the history and evolution of tap.
  • Directing multimedia shows.
  • Designing and fitting tap shoes.
  • Designing and engineering "double-winging" and acoustic tap floors.
  • Sound engineering - recording and microphone setup.
  • Producing various sizes of tap and other events.
  • Large experience in TV performances, live performances and radio broadcasts.
  • Large experience in Industrial and specialty shows.
  • Web designing and web mastering.
  • Native Israelis. Fluent in Hebrew and English.