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Tap Tel-Aviv's pictureTap Tel-Aviv's picture

Photo Credit: http://DebbieHill.com

Senior dancers' picture - August 1997, Red Sea Jazz Festival

Photo Credit: Joseph Pedvisocar

The team for the First Helsinki Tap Festival - July 2000

Photo Credit: http://DebbieHill.com

Tap Tel-Aviv Dance Troupe:

    Originally from Israel - Tap Tel-Aviv is a skilled Tap Dance Troupe created by Avi Miller - Artistic Director / Choreographer, and Ofer Ben - Executive Director.

    The company consists of senior and professional dancers from the Jazz Tap Center, along with, Avi Miller & Ofer Ben - The Israeli Hoofers.

    Most recently, Tap Tel-Aviv has participated with their show - The Hoofers' Club at: The Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat Israel, The First Helsinki Tap Festival, with 'Tap Giants' Robert L. Reed and Bruce Stegmann, on numerous TV and stage performances in Israel and world wide.

    The company also won a grant from the New York-Israel Cultural Committee and was invited tp appeared in two shows on Broadway as part of Tap City 2001 - The First New York City Tap Festival.

    Please read Ms. Zvia Brumer's article on the show performed at the 11th Red Sea Jazz Festival - Eilat Israel, or see The Hoofers' Club video presentation.

    Please read the latest article on the show, written by Ms. Auli Rasanen, and published at the "Helsinki Sanomat", during The First Helsinki Tap Festival - Finland, July 2000. (in Finish) or click here for an English translation.

The Hoofers' Club:

    During the 1920's and 1930's the scene of tap dancing was at its pike and very popular. Many shows and clubs had big tap casts. The most popular form of tap was 'Jazz Tap' or 'Hoofing' as part of 'Jazz Music'. In this unique - all American art form - the tap dancer is acting as a musical instrument, using his/her feet to produce sounds and rhythms.

    The Hoofers' Club was 'the' place in town, were tap dancers used to gather after their shows on established stages, and especially in order to 'steal' new steps and ideas from each other.

    The club was a 'Second Home' to many musicians and dancers. This was the place were the 'real' atmosphere of Jazz and Tap was actually constructed.

    Tap Tel-Aviv's show strives to reconstruct the unique atmosphere of The Hoofers' Club by using a variation on Jazz styles as Dixieland, Swing and Be-Bop, and by forming the dance troupe to create an overall effect of a complete orchestra.

    Miller's choreography is linked to the origins of tap, created by the African / American musicians during the 'Slave Period' in America - as part of the Jazz Music. Miller uses various structures and rhythms directly linked to the roots of jazz. He incorporates a large variety of 'Tap Styles' in his work.

    Individual temperaments and moods of the troupe members are recognized and nourished, as well as styles of famous 'Tap Icons' such as Bill Robinson, Honi Coles, Leon Collins, Eddie Brown, Buster Brown, and Brenda Bufalino.

    Among the different dances: Elegant formal dances, Street improvisation, Chair dance, Oriental dance, Acappella, and more. Middle Eastern - Israeli movements, costumes and atmosphere can be found in some of the pieces, thus emphasizing the Oriental - Israeli origin of the dancers and company. The overall atmosphere presented on stage is of joy and happiness, based in the origin of this art form.

    The show ends with the traditional Shim-Sham with the 'tappers' among the audience invited to join the company on stage. So please bring your Tap Shoes... or come up with any shoes...


    This performance can be presented as part of a Jazz festival, a Tap Festival or any other cultural event.

    It can consist of Tap Tel-Aviv, Miller & Ben - The Israeli Hoofers, and optional Tap Guests.

    The company is available for performances, which vary in length from 20 to 60 minutes. (Longer with guests)

    The company also performs on television shows, at street events, private events, and commercials at locations throughout the USA, Israel and abroad. The company includes up to 10 dancers with colorful costume design and presents exciting and multifarious events.

  • "... the funny climax of the program was the oriental piece (well they do come from Israel) 'Caravan' done with the tongue stuck in the cheek..."
    Auli Rasanen - Helsinki Sanomat

  • "... their massage from the stage hit me hard: 'Tap is great', it must be great if Avi and Ofer and the whole group, have such a good time... "
    Ilkka Vakkuri - Shalom Finland

  • "... a joyful event."
    Dora Sowden - The Jerusalem Post

  • "One of the best things that can happen to a person is having their dream come true. One of the easiest things that can happen to a person is having others do it for you."
    Zvia Brumer - on Tap Tel-Aviv's performance at the Red Sea Jazz Festival

Tap Tel-Aviv's picture